Free Cheesecake (5)

  • Turtle



    The classic Nana's Cheesecake sundae is topped with our own special-recipe hot fudge, house-made caramel and southern-US pecans to create the ultimate turtle sundae. There's nothing slow about how Nana's fans put one of these're going to want to lay-in extra supplies.
  • Fudge Walnut


    Fudge Walnut

    Nana's-own fudge topping recipe is heated to gooey perfection (by you, with our recommendations), then layered over the tangy secret sauce, then topped with freshly-chopped walnuts. Ice cream lovers are converted for life after a few spoonfuls.
  • Caramel Pretzel


    Caramel Pretzel

    The best recipes are the ones that happen by accident. Late one night, in the Nana's test kitchen, we were making up a batch of our house-made caramel. After an hour of hand-stirring, and folding the batch was done and needed some cooling time. A break in the action led to some snacking, which led to ladeling-off a cup of the caramel to dip the pretzels in. Presto! a new Nana's flavor was born.
  • Warm Fudge


    Warm Fudge

    Fudge figures prominently in the Nana's Cheesecake constellation of flavors. Who doesn't love gooey, smooth and bold warm fudge over a scoop of award-winning cheesecake? A heaping-helping of Nana's special fudge topping accompanies the regular cast of characters in this classic Nana's Cheesecake Sundae.
  • Mixed Berry


    Mixed Berry

    Fresh berries are hand-selected and combined at just the right ratio to bring together a ballet of sweet and tart. This is the "dessert island" flavor for a good-many Nana's fans. Imagine that: an island of nothing but desserts. We'd be buying a castle there, for sure.